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Pyro Engineering is a highly diverse company that creates complex and creative special effects for any venue. Using the most current technology and finest products available, our team of special effects designers will produce your event from inception to finish ensuring that expectations are exceeded. Our productions have been hailed as creative, exciting and innovative, and, as a result, have received rave reviews from audiences and clients alike. Our team is comprised of industry veterans with over 25 years of experience. We pride ourselves in our work and are motivated by our passion for the business, as well as the precision and perfection that is required in order to produce a successful event.

Here are some of the keys to our success:



When the idea is just a thought - we have the resources to bring it to life. From major touring productions, to festivals, to theme park installations. Pyro Engineering has what it takes to make an idea a "Reality".

To have a successful production, design and development group, we know that we need to have the best products in house. Custom fabrication is key to making a splash in the industry and that is why our shop is never closed. We constantly thrive to bring the best of breed effects to market and consistently request all of our customers to test our capabilities.
LOGISTICS By using tour advancement techniques developed while traveling the globe on worldwide tours to staging high security events with Secret Service clearance, we know how to manage the moving parts and take the stress off of our clients. Our Logistics team knows how to cover every angle while managing the grueling aspects of both touring productions as well as high profile events.
KEY RELATIONSHIPS Whether it be with authorities, vendors, clients and the fans who ultimately give us the feedback, we feel relationships make things happen and communication is a key to success. You will find out that we covet those who share a similar work ethic and mindset and we ask that you stay in touch….It’s a small world……let’s have fun staying connected on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.